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'...Rubinstein is much from blameless and springs to our relief with loads of learning...and is sort of correct to induce that to not have fun with the sexiness of Shakespeare's language impoverishes our personal figuring out of him. For something, it used to be a powerful aspect in his entice Elizabethans, who have been less woolly-mouthed and smooth-tongued than we're. for an additional, it has constituted a salty preservative for his paintings, between those that can get pleasure from enlightening book.' A.L.Rowse, The Standard

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At this fusty stuff/The large Achilles, on his press'd bed lolling,/ From his deep chest laughs out a large applause'. 20). Like the Greeks, Sh links pederasty with farting, for the puns on the flatus follow immediately. He puns on pederasty / Gkpordos (a fart) and Lpetere, to break wind. Patroclus speaks like a chime (cloque - Cot) or fart (cloque - Leitner). e. it is broken: it breaks JESTS (farts). Frcasse: breaks, of the voice; cas: buttocks. The voice of this masculine whore breaks (and mends) scurril (mendeux - Cot) jests (scurril/ SQUIRREL, a whore).

He durst not sit there .... Let us assail the family of York. Anal puns denigrate the sturdy (only here in Sh; prob. a pun on this- turdy rebel, who sits in a 'chair of state' or a stool (OED; W; see STATE), which also means a seat for evacuating the bowels. There he is backed and aspires. Clifford responds that he durst not sit, that they will assail him, will asseler or go to stool and evacuate the turd, remove him from the royal seat. 219. Rosaline 'will not stay the siege of loving terms,/Nor bide the encounter of assailing eyes,/ Nor ope her lap to saint-seducing gold'.

58) their JOINTS (sex-acts; penises). Second, SHORTEN / scortare (F), connotes the shortened or impotent, diseased penis suffered if one associates with whores (L scortari). 188). And these convulsions are DRY (impotent and syphilitic). ) and CAT O'MOUNTAIN (whore). Not age's innocent cramps, but ague'd bone-ache, syphilitic cramps, were Prospero's charge. All! Awl (1) Penis: the awl is a hole-boring tool. i: 'if you take her husband away from her a-night, you undo her ... ' (2) Vulva: a hole/whole (TWR; P) or all- a 'hole' being the vulva (C; P).

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