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By Ellis Peters

The bold head of Shrewsbury Abbey desires to collect Saint Winifred's sacred continues to be for his Benedictine order. And whilst the consequent controversy ends up in homicide, Brother Cadfael investigates.

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No, Father,” said Brother Cadfael virtuously. ” agreed the abbot heartily. “It would be ill-done to distract his mind from his great purpose at this stage. I should say no word to him of the reason for adding this young man to the party. ” “Yet, Father, we were not all cut out to be ploughmen. ” said the abbot, and warily smiled, pondering the recurring but often forgotten riddle of Brother Cadfael himself. “I have wondered, I confess… But never mind! ” Chapter Two PRIOR ROBERT’S FINE, FROSTY FACE MOMENTARILY REGISTERED DISPLEASURE AND SUSPICION when he heard how his delegation was to be augmented.

They stood as tall as a short man, and their home was the eastern part of the middle sea, and from that far place Cadfael had brought their ancestors in the seed long ago, and raised and cross-bred them in his own garden, before ever he brought the perfected progeny here with him to make medicines against pain, the chief enemy of man. Pain, and the absence of sleep, which is the most beneficent remedy for pain. The two young men, with habits kilted to the knee, were just straightening their backs and dusting the soil from their hands, as well aware as he of the hour.

The omens have surely not misled us? Saint Winifred is here? ” Huw owned that it was so, with so curious an intonation of caution and reluctance that Cadfael decided he was trying to recall exactly where the lady was to be found, and wondering in what state her grave would be discovered, after all this time since last he had so much as thought of it. ” The little white-washed church gleamed provocatively in the sunshine. ” Some relief this time, he did not have to reveal her whereabouts immediately.

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