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By Walter Savitch

Absolute C++ , bargains entire assurance of the C++ programming language. It offers the entire instruments worthy for knowledgeable and beginner programmers to grasp C++, together with: thorough insurance of the traditional Template Library; entire and completely executable code all through; sections highlighting programming information and customary pitfalls; and a logical order of assurance of C++ issues to ensure that scholars to raised comprehend the language. This publication is acceptable for introductory classes overlaying the C++ language, intermediate programming classes introducing C++ to scholars accustomed to one other language and should act as a complete reference past a student's coursework.

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Write an if-else statement that outputs the word Warning provided that either the value of the variable temperature is greater than or equal to 100, or the value of the variable pressure is greater than or equal to 200, or both. Otherwise, the if-else statement outputs the word OK. The variables temperature and pressure are both of type int. 10. What is the output of the following? Explain your answers. a. if(0) cout << "0 is true"; else cout << "0 is false"; cout << endl; b. if(1) cout << "1 is true"; else cout << "1 is false"; cout << endl; c.

We will explain this magic formula in detail in Chapter 12. For now, you should think of this magic formula as one long instruction that tells the computer how you want it to output numbers that contain a decimal point. fm Page 32 Wednesday, August 20, 2003 2:21 PM 32 C++ Basics If you wish to change the number of digits after the decimal point so that different values in your program are output with different numbers of digits, you can repeat the magic formula with some other number in place of 2.

Precision(3); 12. #include using namespace std; int main( ) { cout << "Hello world\n"; return 0; } 13. cout << ’A’ << endl << ’B’ << ’\t’ << ’C’; Other answers are also correct. For example, the letters could be in double quotes instead of single quotes. fm Page 41 Wednesday, August 20, 2003 2:21 PM Programming Projects PROGRAMMING PROJECTS 1. 92 ounces. Write a program that will read the weight of a package of breakfast cereal in ounces and output the weight in metric tons as well as the number of boxes needed to yield one metric ton of cereal.

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