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5 7 x Add 2x to each side. Divide both sides by 2. 5. 5. 5 (4) (B) Entering this equation in a graphing calculator (it doesn’t need to be multiplied out) and evaluating it for several integers between 0 and 5 (Fig. 41), it appears that a good choice for the window dimensions for y is 0 Յ y Յ 200. This choice can easily be changed if there is too much space above the graph or if part of the graph we are interested in is out of the viewing window. Figure 42 shows the graph of equation (4) in the selected viewing window.

Qxd 11/22/2007 06:15 PM Page 42 pinnacle 110:MHIA064:mhbar3:SE:CH 01: 42 CHAPTER 1 FUNCTIONS, GRAPHS, AND MODELS 300 10. 4 billion in 2010. 0 1-2 Exercises 1. True or False: Every relation is a function. Explain your answer. 2. True or False: Every function is a relation. Explain your answer. 3. Explain the difference between f (x ϩ h) and f (x) ϩ h. 4. Explain the difference between f (x), where f represents a function, and 2(x). Indicate whether each relation in Problems 5–10 defines a function, then write each as a set of ordered pairs.

S. com Table 1 specifies a relation with domain {Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet}, and range {Camry, Corolla, Accord, Civic, Impala}. Table 2 specifies a relation with domain {Camry, Corolla, Accord, Civic, Impala} and range {302,636, 274,074, 250,663, 225,212, 197,304}. Notice that in Table 1, two of the domain elements (Toyota and Honda) correspond to more than one range element. But in Table 2, each domain element corresponds to a unique range element. We will give relations like the latter a special name.

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