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By J. D. Pagan, R. J. Geor

Featuring overseas authorities that awarded at KER meetings, this comprehensive collection of analysis and overview papers discusses such themes as subtle dietary requirements for horses, potent how you can bring meals for horses in all athletic endeavors, attaining optimum progress in younger horses, and making sure nutrient specifications are being fulfilled in reproductively energetic horses.

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The etiology of laminitis. Aust Vet J 1937;13:254–6. 41. Takahashi K, Young BA. Effects of grain overfeeding and histamine injection on physiological responses related to acute bovine laminitis. Jpn J Vet Sci 1981; 43:375–85. 42. Goetz TE. The treatment of laminitis in horses. Vet Clin North Am Equine Pract 1989;5(1):73–108. 43. Rooney JR, Roberston JL. Equine pathology. Ames (IA): Iowa University Press; 1996. 44. Garner MR, Flint JF, Russell JB. Allisonella histaminiformans gen. , sp. nov. a novel bacterium that produces histamine, utilizes histidine as its sole energy source, and could play a role in bovine and equine laminitis.

It was about this time when more efforts were focused on treating the feet of the horse to prevent rotation. Hoof casts enjoyed some popularity for a short time, but often resulted in disaster, with the feet sloughing because of excess pressure. A farrier named Burney Chapman and a veterinarian named Dr George Platt started using a shoe that had been around for a long time, described in the US Cavalry Manual, known as a heartbar shoe. Chapman and Platt incorporated this shoe with a complete hoof wall resection of the dorsal hoof wall to allow the foot to regrow without any rotation.

The horses were bedded in deep straw. As their feet healed and the soles closed, they were then treated like the horses with closed soles. The feet of horses with intact soles were trimmed and Harry would cauterize the soles by igniting a solution made of turpentine, pine tar, iodine crystals, and mothballs. He would cauterize the feet every day and then put a strong white liniment on the coronary bands, then walk them, gradually increasing the exercise. 9 kg of a mixture of 3-parts oats to 1-part bran.

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