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By Robert Jordan

Egwene tente de renforcer son emprise sur le siège de l'Amyrlin et prépare son plan pour renverser Elaida et l. a. travel Blanche. En Illian, Rand al'Thor doit rassembler ses troupes contre les Seanchans et compte en grande partie sur l'aide des Ash'man. Mais le Dragon Réincarné risque de devenir fou : los angeles voix de Lews Therin résonne à nouveau dans sa tête...

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He bowed slightly. ’ Liallan’s appearance had changed little throughout Arkan’s entire life. Her hair was still dark, though shot through with grey streaks, and there were now fine lines at the corners of her eyes and mouth. Years of riding horseback in the sun had given her whipcord toughness and her movement was lithe as she stood to greet her great-nephew. ’ ‘Regal’ was the only term to sum up her carriage and manner. If the moredhel were ever to have a queen, she would be the perfect exemplar.

His people were not especially demonstrative when it came to feelings and his aunt was perhaps the most ruthless a person he had ever encountered. The dark elves understood desire, but love … that was rare and usually reserved for children or, occasionally, siblings. To hear the word ‘love’ come from Liallan’s mouth was something he had never expected. She smiled. ‘Yes, there are things I love, nephew. ’ He nodded. As chieftain of his own small band he understood this feeling. ’ ‘Indeed,’ she agreed.

Had it not been for Liallan’s power, the Ice Bears would have been obliterated after Gorath’s defection to the Kingdom. No matter that he had saved the moredhel from being dominated by a madman, and aborted the attack on the Kingdom city of Sethanon, thereby saving hundreds of lives; he was still seen as a traitor. He waited. ’ ‘Among others. ’ ‘He speaks little. ’ Arkan remained silent. ‘Then I shall tell you of my shaman. ’ Arkan’s face became an unreadable mask. ’ She nodded. ’ He thought about this.

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