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By William W. Johnstone

Smoke Jensen by no means desired to kill, yet destiny had different plans, and the Mountain guy has left lots of blood, tears, and fury in his wake. Angus MacDougal, the daddy of 1 of Smoke's sufferers, wishes revenge. driving as much as monstrous Rock, Colorado, MacDougal has determined that killing Smoke will not be sufficient. He intends to carry him again to Pueblo and cling him prior to a crowd. it is a bloodthirsty plan that may have labored, apart from a stunning younger girl, and the small knife she slips into Smoke's hand. abruptly Smoke is at the run within the Colorado desert without gun, no offers, and twenty armed males in pursuit. as soon as, a guy named Preacher taught Smoke how one can live on during this desolate tract. Now, as a brutal iciness bears down, the Mountain guy will use these classes good - not just to struggle his method out alive, but in addition for vengeance of his own...

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