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By Jane Shoup

At nineteen, Ammey McKeaf is a golden-haired good looks that's loved and guarded, not just via her father, the main respected basic in Azulland, but additionally by way of 5 elder brothers, all champions of the video games which are held within the medieval island nation. Her brothers have knowledgeable and challenged her all of her existence, specifically at swordsmanship, that allows you to serve her well.

Trouble stirs while Marko Corin, the formidable chief of Bellux-Abry, seeks to realize keep an eye on of the rustic. His small bands of hugely informed squaddies, referred to as ‘wolf packs,’ roam the rustic, reaping destruction and loss of life. whilst a pack moves on the subject of the Forge, domestic to the McKeafs, Ammey is escorted to sanctuary -- yet sanctuary is something of the past.

As violence reigns, Ammey is rescued and brought into the paranormal Vihlae woodland, the place she discovers energy she didn't be aware of she possessed, and learns the artwork of survival from one in all her rescuers, sparking an indisputable ardour. As Ammey travels from one finish of Azulland to the opposite, fighting to outlive and shield these round her, she is going to be attempted and validated past whatever she can have imagined, yet will her efforts be sufficient to save lots of herself and people she loves?

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