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Even this present day, within the age of texting shortcuts and spell-check dependence, stable spelling talents are essential-on vital exams, at paintings, or in lifestyles. exhibit assessment publications: Spelling places you at the clever and fast route to spelling like a professional, with hundreds of thousands of actions, brainstorming principles, notes, minutiae, key definitions, and assistance for fending off spelling pitfalls. no matter if you are looking for a fast assessment or in-depth perform, show assessment courses: Spelling offers insights into: clever suggestions towards changing into a celeb speller Homonyms and different normally stressed phrases the elemental construction blocks of words-roots, prefixes, and suffixes The lengthy and the quick of the five (sometimes 6) major vowels and the way they healthy into phrases Consonants and their many mixtures the principles for turning singular nouns into plural nouns Verb-subject contract, a.k.a. conjugation in addition to the 201 most typically misspelled phrases and demanding new phrases extra to the e-book additionally comprises: gasoline for notion: severe info and definitions perform Lap: speedy perform workouts and actions to allow you to try out your wisdom within song: counsel for decreasing your learn and perform time - with no sacrificing accuracy Caution!: Spelling pitfalls to be looking for speed your self: additional actions for additional perform what is extra, exhibit evaluate publications: Spelling deals worthwhile diagnostic trying out, with a pretest that measures starting degrees of data and a post-test that indicates parts that experience more suitable and parts which may nonetheless desire paintings.

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Express Review Guides: Spelling

Even this present day, within the age of texting shortcuts and spell-check dependence, stable spelling abilities are essential-on very important checks, at paintings, or in existence. convey assessment courses: Spelling places you at the clever and fast route to spelling like a professional, with countless numbers of actions, brainstorming rules, notes, trivialities, key definitions, and suggestions for averting spelling pitfalls.

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14. Mr. Jacoby was on a diet, so he (declined/inclined) to order dessert. 15. In the American justice system, one is (presumed/resumed) innocent until proven guilty. Check your answers at the end of the chapter. How did you do? RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH Books like this one are a great resource for spelling tips and quizzes. Many other excellent resources can be found for free on the Internet. com is a great site to add to your permanent bookmarks. com: Merriam Webster Online is a great source for interesting facts about words, as well as a useful online dictionary.

In this word, the letters e and i combine to make a long a sound. The correct spelling of this word is freight. affection. The trickiest thing about this word is remembering what sound the ə symbol represents. Remember: ə is used to stand for the a sound in words like about and among. horrible. This one isn’t too tricky . . remember that ô is the o sound in words like torn and corn. communicate. This one looks quite different from the actual spelling of the word, but it’s not too hard to figure out if you read closely.

Indd 45 2/12/09 4:01:32 PM 46 Express Review Guides: SPELLING 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Riddle: What do you call a short psychic who is wanted by the police? indd 46 2/12/09 4:01:32 PM Which Word Is Which? indd 48 2/12/09 4:01:33 PM Which Word Is Which? indd 49 2/12/09 4:01:33 PM 50 Express Review Guides: SPELLING sore (sôr) stationary (stā´shən-âr-ē) stationery (stā´shən-âr-ē) tail (tāl) tale (tāl) team (tēm) teem (tēm) than (thăn) then (thĕn) uninterested (ŭn- ĭn´trəst-əd) vain (vān) vary (vâr´ē) vein (vān) very (vâr´ē) waist (wāst) waste (wāst) who (hü) who´s (hüz) whom (hüm) whose (hüz) wright (rīt) write (rīt) ANSWERS 1.

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