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As summarized by Kent, the laws of friction are as follows: r Friction varies approximately as the normal pressure with which the rubbing surfaces are pressed together. r Friction is approximately independent of the area of the surfaces, but it is slightly greater for smaller surfaces than for larger surfaces. r Friction decreases with an increase in velocity, except at an extremely low velocity and with soft surfaces. As applied to lubricated surfaces, the laws of friction for perfect lubrication (surfaces completely separated by a film of lubricant) are as follows: r The coefficient of friction is independent of the materials making up the surfaces.

5 pounds for each 1000-foot increase in elevation. When an automobile climbs a high mountain, the engine gradually loses power because air expands at higher altitudes. The volume of air taken in by the engine does not weigh as much at the higher altitudes as it weighs at sea level. The mixture becomes too rich at higher altitudes, causing a poor combustion of fuel. A perfect vacuum is a space that has no matter in it. This is unattainable even with the present pumps and chemical processes. Space in which the air pressure is about one-thousandth of that of the atmosphere is generally called a vacuum.

The weight of the 30-inch column of mercury is equivalent to the weight of a similar column of air approximately 50 miles in height. 49116. This value corresponds to the weight of a 1-inch column of mercury that has a cross-sectional area of 1 square inch. The barometer readings (in. Hg) are converted to atmospheric pressure (psi) in Table 1-3. 696 psi). 921). Problem What absolute pressure reading corresponds to a barometer reading of 20 inches of mercury? Solution The absolute pressure reading can be calculated by means of the formula: barometer reading (in.

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